Does steel attract lightning?              
No, protection system transmits the lightning to land.
Does steel corrode in time?
No, galvanized structural steel is used. Steel coated with galvanize doesnot corrode.
Is steel earthquake resistant?
Yes, the most important precaution to be taken against earthquake is to lessen the weight of the building. Steel buildings are 5 to 10 times lighter than reinforced concrete buildings. Steel absorbs the earthquake energy to a great extend and saves you and your belongings. 

Is steel cost efficient?
Yes, fabricated load bearing members ensure high quality for reasonable prices, shorten the construction period, reduce the labor costs; steel is long-lasting.
Does steel damage the house in time?
No, it doesnot get bug-infested, doesnot deflect, wear off or burn. Galvanized steel doesnot corrode.
What is the cost of the houses?
It depends on the project selected, however it is more cost efficient than a reinforced concrete house which is the same size and of the same quality.
How long does it take to construct these houses?
It takes 4 to 8 weeks depending on the size of the building after the foundations are completed.

How should be the mechanical and electric installation?
Mechanical and electric installation pipes are mounted in the walls and ceilings on the spots that are identified at the stage project.
Can we change the places of the walls after the construction?
Only non-load bearing walls can be changed with the approval of the engineer.
Can we add new floors to the house after construction?
It is not possible to add a new floor to a completed and delivered building.
Is the insulation of the houses suitable to all climate types?
Yes, insulation materials are selected according to the climate conditions of the location of the house.
Can we have a fireplace and barbeque?
Yes, when necessary precautions to protect the steel load bearing system are taken, fireplace and barbeque can be installed.
Are there only certain types of projects available?
No. Various architectural designs can be easily implemented. You can either select among existing projects or request a special architectural project for yourself.
How many floors are there in these houses?
The most suitable and cost efficient solutions are found in 1, 2 or 3 storey houses. Though we construct up to Ground + 4 Floors.