Pre Fabricated Building

A few years ago, a company would build with the focus on functionality, but today, other factors such as aesthetics, individuality and well-being also have a major role to play. Todays workers have high expectations and are calling for workplaces that counteract the stresses of everyday working life, give priority to comfort and well-being and take the complexity of new work challenges into account as far as possible.

With OPT PEB modular construction, all the buildings can be constructed that are needed in a modern working environment. Office buildings provide the best possible conditions. These include a pleasant indoor climate, optimum sound insulation in the building or a healthy living environment, ensuring the comfort and well-being of all the staff. Canteens and social buildings complete the social infrastructure, while computer centres provide the digital framework.

Prefabricated light constructions are mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor. The greatest advantage of prefabricated buildings is being earthquake-resistant and light as they are steel constructions.

The short manufacturing period, providing fast mounting and having the feature to dismount and mount over and over again increase the reasons of preference for these prefabricated structures.

Prefabricated buildings are produced in required size and design. The structures can be one storey as they can be produced in two or three storeys.

The prefabricated buildings can be delivered with electrical and sanitary installation, paint and window glasses included as they can be delivered without them. All of the materials we use are TSE certified and most of them are ISO 9001 certified. The raw materials we use are proper to TSE and DIN norms.

The fibercement plate we use as siding material in exterior, interior, roof and mezzanine floor sidings consists of HEKIMBOARD brand of cement, silicate and cellulose fiber and ovendry produced in high pressure and heat. The deformation of the plate from temperature variance and climate conditions is prevented with this process.


o   Cost certainty – cost effectiveness coupled with financial transparency and no hidden costs

o   Service – you can have a turn key solution providing everything from start to finish including a whole host of FM (Facilities Maintenance) solutions for both your Elliott building and existing facilities

o   Programme – rapid deployment, installation and practical completion compared with traditional systems

o   Minimal disruption – the disruption to your business during the installation and duration of the site works is minimal

o   Flexibility – your building can grow and adapt over time to suit the needs of your business

o   Quality – comparable or improved quality compared with traditional systems

o   Sustainability – can achieve BREEAM excellent, environmentally considerate with reduced life cycle costing

o   Longevity – 25-30 year design life as a minimum.

o   Warranty – ongoing commitment through market leading warranties for peace of mind

o   Fully building regulation compliant with passive ventilation.