Tensile Structure

Design Assistance:

During the conceptual stages of designing a tensile structure, OPT offers design support to the design team to help them take their idea to a workable, buildable solution.


OPT can provide conceptual budgeting at the earliest stages of the project. As the design develops, pricing can be provided to meet project budget requirements.


OPTs team of specialty engineers, engineering consultants and designers are highly skilled and experienced, working with the latest custom tensile architectural materials and steel cable structure systems in the industry. Through engineering analysis and peer review, OPT delivers reaction loads, connection details, member sizing, interface details and construction methodologies. As a result, OPT can provide an efficient high quality tensile fabric structure in market.

Construction Methodologies:

OPT will assist in developing solutions and methods for installing your tensile structure. We take into account site access, equipment availability, with our skilled worker. OPT has the knowledge and expertise to efficiently erect projects that range from small porte-cochere structures to large stadium retractable roofs. Once a project has been approved through design development and the manufacturing and testing phases are underway, OPT project managers and engineers meet with the general construction Team to review the construction methodology and coordinate erection procedures and scheduling.

Project Schedule Development:

Each project will undergo a review process to develop a timely schedule that adheres to the projects requirements. Due to our full service abilities, we can develop a schedule to meet your project demands.

Service & Warranty (Maintenance):

Our commitment to customer service doesnt end simply because a project is completed. OPT offers clients a wealth of post-project resources and assistance. Building owners may contract with our company to ensure their structures look as breathtaking years from now as they did the day the last piece of steel, cable or tensile fabric was put into place. These services can range from simple cleanings to comprehensive structural reviews and modifications.